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One of the first things you should do after launching a website is create a Google Search Console account. Why? Because it helps you understand how Google crawls, analyses and indexes your website. It’s a great tool to help you discover problems which might hurt your rankings or user experience.

Adding and verifying a site in Google Search Console

The first step to using Google Search Console is the setup and verification process.In order to use Google Search Console you need to verify ownership of the domain you’re analysing. There are several verification methods:

Add a HTML tag to the <head> of your site
Sign in to the domain name provider
Use Google Analytics
Use the Google Tag Manager account
Upload an HTML file
Verifying with more than one method will make your ownership more resilient.

Google Search Console

I also suggest verifying the www and non-www version of your website url. Linking as many versions as possible guarantees that you’ll see all errors and problems. Once you’ve linked your website, Google will be able to crawl it and report back.

Fetch as Google and submit to index

If you’ve made significant changes to a website, the fastest way to get the updates indexed by Google is to submit it manually. This will allow any changes done to things such as on-page content or title tags to appear in search results as soon as possible.

The first step is to sign into Google Search Console. Next, select the page you need to submit. If the website does not use the ‘www.’ prefix, then make sure you click on the entry without it (or vice versa.)

fetch as google

On the lefthand side of the screen, you should see a “Crawl” option. Click on it, then choose “Fetch as Google.”

Fetch as google

If you need to fetch the entire website (such as after a major site-wide update, or if the homepage has had a lot of remodeling done) then leave the center box blank. Otherwise, use it to enter the full address of the page you need indexed, such as Once you enter the page you need indexed, click the “Fetch and Render” button. Fetching might take a few minutes, depending on the number/size of pages being fetched.

After the indexing has finished, there will be a “Submit to Index” button that appears in the results listing at the bottom (near the “Complete” status). You will be given the option to either “Crawl Only This URL,” which is the option you want if you’re only fetching/submitting one specific page, or “Crawl This URL and its Direct Links,” if you need to index the entire site.

Click this, wait for the indexing to complete, and you’re done! Google now has sent its search bots to catalog the new content on your page, and the changes should appear in Google within the next few days.

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