“[last lines] Lil' Pete: Dear Mama, so much has changed since my last letter. I scarcely know where to begin. First off, it turns out our daddy is a bad, bad man, and he got thrown in jail. But it's okay, 'cause Screaming Eagle, the Indian chief who raised Tommy, said he'd be all our dads, too. I really like it here in this village. Our new brothers and sisters love to have fun and have been so nice to all of us. Screaming Eagle: These white guys cannot dance! Lil' Pete: Danny don't drink whiskey no more. And Ramon and Herm are trying to learn Indian ways. Oh, and big news. I finally have a girlfriend, and she's much prettier than a canty-loupe. Tommy aka White Knife: [to Lil Pete & Beaver Breath] Come on you two, you're missing all the fun! Lil' Pete: Anyways, Mama, thanks for raising me. Your loving son, Lil Pete, proud member of the Ridiculous 6.”

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