“[first lines] Clem: Lookie here. My day is made. I didn't even finish breakfast and I get to kill me a stinkin' Injun. Tommy aka White Knife: Injun? Nah. I just dress like this so's I don't get scalped out on the prairie. Clem: Oh, well, that's a convincing outfit. Yeah, you can't be too safe out there... with all of them savages runnin' around. So, what can I do you for? Tommy aka White Knife: Need some flour. Five sacks. And a carrot with peanut butter on it. Now, what's that gonna run me? Clem: Well, sack of flour's 45 cents. So, five sacks... is 40... Tommy aka White Knife: Wanna get back to me on that? Clem: Yeah, look. Now, the flour's in the basement. You can fetch it yourself. Tommy aka White Knife: Much obliged.”

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