“The drownings. They, um, I drew up the water, and Rusty had already left for work that day, and I went in the bathroom, and I set Mary on the floor. And while I was filling the tub, Paul came in, and he sat on the tub and he said, he said “Mommy are we gonna take a bath today?” And then he asked again, and I didn’t answer him. I put him in the water for a couple minutes, and when it was through, I took him and laid him down on my bed, our bed. And I went back in the bathroom, and John had wandered in…and then I put him in for a couple minutes. And Luke was close by. And I put him in. And I moved John on the bed. I put Luke on the bed. And I called for Noah from the kitchen. He came to me, and I led him to the bathtub. Before— before Noah, I did Mary. Mary was still in the tub when he came in. He said, ‘Mommy what’s wrong with Mary?’ I put him in the tub. Then I called the police to come to the house, and I called Rusty to come home.”

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