“[Mystique stands naked before Charles in the kitchen, just like when they first met] Mystique: You know, sometimes I wonder what my life would've been like if you haven't found me here that night. Charles Xavier: Sorry, what? You... [sees her and averts his eyes] Yaah! God's sake, Raven, where are your clothes? Pu... put... put some clothes on– Mystique: That's not what you said when you first saw me. But I guess pets are always cuter when they're little, right? Xavier: Raven, I don't know what's gotten into you lately. I swear, you've been in a good mood. Hank, he tells me that he has found the answer to your cosmetic... [slight pause] problem. You gotta tell me what's the matter, or I'll have to read your mind. Mystique: [looking deeply hurt] You promised me you would never do that. Xavier: Until recently, I never had to use my powers to know what you were thinking, Raven. Mystique: [angrily] You know, Charles, I used to think it was gonna be you and me against the world. But no matter how bad the world gets, you don't wanna be against it, do you? You want to be part of it. [leaves]”

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