“Michael Corleone: I spent my life protecting my son. I spent my life protecting my family! Kay Corleone: Let's be reasonable here, Michael. I mean, that's your big thing, isn't it? Reason backed up by murder. Michael Corleone: Oh, God, you hate me. You hate me. Kay Corleone: No, I don't hate you, Michael. I dread you. Michael Corleone: I did what I could, Kay, to protect all of you from the horrors of this world. Kay Corleone: But you became my horror. The children still love you, though. Especially Mary. Michael Corleone: Well, that's something. We can build on that. For their sake. Let's try. Kay Corleone: Only if you let Tony go to live his own life. Away from you. Michael Corleone: I'll let Tony go. Kay Corleone: Thank you.”

Tagged: Dysfunctional Family , Fear , dread , Hate

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