“Mia: Honestly, I wish I loved something else. I've tried so hard to want other things. I left school after two years to come here, my fourth manager just dropped me, and my last audition was for a teen soap pitched as Dangerous Minds meets The O.C. Should've been a lawyer. Sebastian: Cause the world needs more lawyers. Mia: Well it doesn't need more actresses. Sebastian: You're not just an actress. Mia: What do you mean, ‘just an actress’? Sebastian: You said it yourself, you're a child-prodigy playwright. Mia: That is not what I said. Sebastian: You're too modest to say it but it's true. So you could write your own roles. Write something that's as interesting as you are. Mia: Last thing I wrote was a stand-up routine for an open-mic night. It was horrible. Sebastian: All I'm saying is Louis Armstrong could have played the marching-band charts he was given. What did he do instead? He made history. Mia: OK, I'll stop auditioning and make history instead. Sebastian: [laughs] My work here is done.”

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