“In my own country they call me Jeannette; since I came into France I have been called Jeanne [English: Joan]. Of my surname I know nothing. I was born in the village of Domremy, which is really one with the village of Greux. The principal Church is at Greux. My father is called Jacques d'Arc; my mother, Ysabelle. I was baptized in the village of Domremy. One of my godmothers is called Agnes, another Jeanne [Joan], a third Sibylle. One of my godfathers is called Jean Lingué, another Jean Barrey. I had many other godmothers, or so I have heard from my mother. I was, I believe, baptized by Messire Jean Minet; he still lives, so far as I know. I am, I should say, about nineteen years of age. From my mother I learned my Pater, my Ave Maria, and my Credo. I believe I learned all this from my mother.”

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