“[Erik sees Sebastian Shaw in the void] Sebastian Shaw: Erik, what a pleasant surprise. So good to see you again. [Erik enters the void] May I ask you something? Why are you on their side? Why fight for a doomed race who will hunt us down as soon as they realize their reign is coming to an end? [Erik punches him in the face but their is molecular distortion to his face due to all the nuclear energy harnessed] I'm sorry for what happened in the camps. I truly am. [he shoves Erik backwards causing the wall of the void to crack] But everything I did, I did for you. To unlock your power. To make you embrace it. [shoves him across to another wall causing is to break] You've come a long way from bending gates. I'm so proud of you. [lunges metal pillars in front of him to block him] And you're just starting to scratch the surface. Think of how much further we could go, together. [he walks through the pillars with much ease and presses one of them against Erik and get closer to his face] I don't want to hurt you, Erik. I never did. I want to help you. This is our time. Our age. We are the future of the human race. You and me, son. This world could be ours. Erik Lehnsherr: Everything you did made me stronger, it made me the weapon I am today. It's the truth. I've known it all along. You are my creator.”

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