“[Danny tells his brothers the incident with President Lincoln] Danny: Mr. President, say, I'm gonna go hit the little boy's room. Abraham Lincoln: Are you shitting me? Danny: Come on, you'll be fine superstar. Can I get you something on the way back? Agua? Brewski? Abraham Lincoln: No. Danny: Alright. Fair enough, I'll be back in two. John Wilkes Booth: [running into one another in the hall] Where's the president's box? Danny: John Wilkes Booth, the actor? John Wilkes Booth: Yeah. Danny: No way, man! Big fan! You wanna say hi to the president? He'd get a real kick out of that. Last door on the left. John Wilkes Booth: Thank you! Danny: Really cool. Wow, love that guy! [Danny is pooping when he hears a gunshot fired and women screaming] Abe!”

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