“Dani: Officer! Officer! Allison: Officer, we need your help. Cop: What's the problem? Dani: [to Max] Tell him. Allison: Go ahead. Max: [nervously] Well, um well, you see I just moved here. Well, you see? It's like this: I I um broke into the old Sanderson house and I brought the witches back from the dead. See, I even have the book. Cop: [disapprovingly] You lit the Black Flamed Candle? Max: Yeah. Cop: Come on. Okay, let's get on the sidewalk. Dani: And he's a virgin. [the cop stares at them] Cop: [to Max] Come here. [Max comes closer to him] Cop: [whispers] Are you a virgin? Max: Yeah. Cop: Really? Max: Look, I'll get it tattooed on my forehead, okay?”

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