“Connie: [shrieking at Michael] You killed my husband! You waited until our father died so nobody could stop you and you killed him! You killed him! You blamed him for Sonny, you always did, everybody did. But you never thought about me. You never gave a dam about me. What am I going to do now? Kay Adams: [taking Connie in her arms] Connie... Connie: Why do you think he kept Carlo at the mall? All the time he knew he was going to kill him. And then he stood Godfather to our baby. You think you know your husband? You know how many men he had killed! Read the papers. Read the papers! That's your husband! [Michael takes Connie into her arms, but she goes wild again and tries to attack him] Michael Corleone: Take her upstairs. Get her a doctor. [Michael's bodyguards grab Connie and pull her out of the office...to Kay] She's hysterical. Kay Adams: Is it true? Michael Corleone: Don't ask me about my business, Kay. Kay Adams: Is it true? Michael Corleone: Don't ask me about my business... Kay Adams: No... Michael Corleone: [slams the desk] ENOUGH!”

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