“Carmine Rosato: We're all very happy about your decision, Frankie. You're not going to regret it! Frank Pentangeli: I don't like this C-note, Rosato. I take that as an insult. Tony Rosato: [wraps a garrote around Pentangeli's neck] Michael Corleone says 'Hello'! [drags Pentangeli to a back room and with the help of two 'buttonmen' tries to shove him into a closet] Tony Rosato: [shouts] Get his head in! Close the fuckin' door! Carmine Rosato: [a cop walks into the bar] Your friend, the cop, what the f... Policeman: Hey, Rich, it's dark in here. You open or closed? Bartender: Hey, I just came in to clean up a little, you know? What's wrong? Policeman: [noticing Pentangeli] Is that something on the floor? Bartender: [Carmine starts to pull a gun on the officer] Carmine, No! Not here! Not a cop! Let him go! Carmine Rosato: ANTHONY! [as the cop starts to draw his billy club, Tony and the buttonmen run out of the back room and shove the cop into a booth, then grab Carmine and rush him out the door, followed by the cop, his gun drawn] Tony Rosato: [to the policeman] You open your fuckin' mouth, I'll blow your head off! [a gunfight erupts in the street as the Rosato Brothers try to escape]”

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