“Bridgette: What's that? Rafi: It's a muscleman mud run. What's that about? Man: Wicked hard obstacle course. Alright? Raising money for the V.A., It beats slaving away at the gym. Right? Rafi: I'm down for that. Bridgette: Is it for dudes, only? Man: No. Eliza: Then, why did you only hand it to the guy? Man: I didn't mean anything by it, I just liked the look of him. I figured he's into it. You're into it, right? Rafi: Yeah, man, I do my thing. I hit it hard. Bridgette: Did you not hand to my friend because she's a beautiful woman? Eliza: And to my friend, because she has a kid? Nelson: Or me, 'cos I'm fat. Man: No, alright look, take these. Bridgette: Pass.”

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