“Bottle after bottle, drink until I overdose Pull up in the Phantom, watch them bitches catch the Holy Ghost Errtime I step up in the dealer I be goin' broke Shorty wanna fuck me, I say get on top and roller coast And I lay back, she go cray, fuck me good, but she no stay Murder on that pussy let her boyfriend get that DOA Get it? And all I get is Frito Lay Plus I'm on probation, when they test me I just pee Rosé Cause last night, I went hard, Peach Ciroc, Patron and all Thirty racks on magnum bottles, I think I was born to ball Lookin' like a million plus, fresh I'm out that corner store Hater I be doin' me, you guys should be doin' y'all I'm stackin' money to the ceiling All this ice that's in my Rollie I be chilling And I just made a couple million So I could take care of them children, let's go.”

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