“[At a Nazi concentration camp in Poland] Klaus Schmidt: [in German] Understand this, Erik...these Nazis, I'm not like them. Genes are the key, yes? But their goals? Blue eyes? Blonde hair? Pathetic. [he gives him a chocolate bar] Eat the chocolate. It's good. Want some? Erik Lehnsherr: I want to see my mama. Schmidt: Genes are the key that unlocks the door to a new age, Erik. A new future for mankind. Evolution. You know what I'm talking about? It's a simple thing I ask of you. [gestures to a small Nazi coin on the desk] A little coin is nothing compared to a big gate. Is it? [Erik attempts to move the coin but fails] Lehnsherr: I tried, Herr Doctor. I can't... I don't... It's impossible. [this displeases Schmidt] Schmidt: The one thing I can say for the Nazis is their methods seem to produce results. I'm sorry, Erik. [rings bell to summon soldiers who come in with his mother] Lehnsherr: Mama!”

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