“And that just happened to be the week when no one was home Mom was off With David, and they had put up at a mote1 about five miles away; and I had the car, above five o'clock at night; and I was driving back home, after drinking; and I wasn't looking for anyone but, about a mile away from the house, there he was. Hitchhiking along the road. He wasn't wearing a shirt. He was attractive; I was attracted to him. I stopped then passed him and stopped the car and thought, ‘Well, should I pick him up or not?’ And I asked him if he wanted to go back and smoke some pot, and he said, ‘Oh, yeah.’ And we went into my bedroom, had some beer, and from the time I spent with him I could tell he wasn't gay. I, uh, didn't know how else to keep him there other than to get the barbell and to hit him, over the head, which I did, then strangled him with the same barbell.”

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