“After serving about 2 years there I was pronounced by the parole board to be a nice, clean boy of good morals, as pure as lily and a credit to those in authority in the istatution [sic] where I had been sent to be reformed. Yes sure I was reformed all right, dam good and reformed too. When I got out of there I knew all about Jesus and the bible so much so that I knew it was all a lot of hot air. But that wasn’t all I knew. I had been taught by christians [sic] how to be a hypocrite and I had learned more about stealing, lying, hating, burning and killing. I had learned that a boys [sic] penis could be use [sic] for something besides to urinate with and that a rectum could be use [sic] for other purposes than crepitating. Oh yes I had learned a hell of a lot, from my expert instructors furnished to me free of charge by society in general and the state of Minnesota in particular. From the treatment I recieved [sic] while there and the lessons I learned from it, I had fully desided [sic] when I left there just how I would live my life. I made up my mind that I would rob, burn, destroy and kill every where [sic] I went and everybody I could as long as I lived. That’s the way I was reformed in the Minnesota State Training School. Thats [sic] the reasons why.”

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