The 16 Best Satanism Quotes That Will Speak To Your Heart

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1. This makes life fun. I am a tax-paying member of Arkansas, and I don’t want that [satanic monument] there.
2. The Satanic Temple also said, ‘You need to put up our monument to satanism.’
3. If we’re being sued by the Satanic Temple, we gotta be doin’ something’ right!
4. Satanism is looking out for the other, because we are the other.
5. We want people to evaluate the United States being a Christian nation. It’s not. We are supposed to be a nation that doesn’t allow the government to dictate what is appropriate religious expression.
6. Satanists need to have more faith than Christians, because Christ was seen and felt. Lucifer has never felt the need to be seen, but in everyone’s soul he can be felt. A lot of these little cults practice Satanism nowadays, but not in a violent form. They’re only looking for ways to play out wickedness.
7. Sam: The reversed cross has been used by Satanists for centuries, but this sigil of sulfur didn't show up in San Francisco until the sixties. Dean: [looks at Sam strangely] This is exactly why you never get laid.
8. In 1975, however, I met some guys at a party who were, I later found out, heavily involved in the occult. I had always been fascinated with witchcraft, satanism, and occult things since I was a child. When I was growing up I watched countless horror and satanic movies, one of which was Rosemary's Baby. That movie in particular totally captivated my mind.
9. Anonymous Male Satanist: It’s a beautiful day here at the state capitol. Great day to be a satanist. Audience Member: You’re gonna go to hell! Anonymous Male Satanist: I believe it, and I’m very excited about it.
10. The Satanic Temple was an idea between a handful of people directly confronting authority.
Anonymous Male Satanist Quote - Is this how everyone that’s different is...
11. Is this how everyone that’s different is treated?
12. As a satanist, I believe that confronting injustice is an expression of one’s satanic faith.
13. It is out of not only through satanism, but patriotism that I am motivated.
Anonymous Female Satanist Quote - You see Christian theocracy just creeping...
14. You see Christian theocracy just creeping into our government, and it is our duty to stand up to this.
Anonymous Female Christian Quote - It is our goal to shut down their agenda...
15. It is our goal to shut down their agenda, which is to bring death and destruction.
16. It was about 1980, and I was hustling on the streets. I landed in jail for a month or two for petty theft. I met up with this guy who was a Satan worshiper. For those two months I was with him, then I get out of jail, but my mind didn’t. I remembered everything he said, which basically was, ‘Why worship the good guy, when the things you do aren’t so good?’ Somehow it just made sense to me, to worship something that would protect you in what you were doing.

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