The 11 Oldness Quotes

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William Shakespeare Quote - You have such a February face, 
So full of...
1. You have such a February face, So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness.
2. I’m much too young to feel this damn old.
3. It was easy to respond to coldness, because it could not hurt me like tenderness.
4. From that fateful day when stinking bits of slime first crawled from the sea and shouted to the cold stars, 'I am man,' our greatest dread has always been the knowledge of our mortality. But tonight, we shall hurl the gauntlet of science into the frightful face of death itself. Tonight, we shall ascend into the heavens. We shall mock the earthquake. We shall command the thunders, and penetrate into the very womb of impervious nature herself.
5. Dare to be vulnerable in the moment.
6. I’m gonna find out everything. And I don’t care what it breaks.
7. Because I'm like ice, buddy. When I don't like you, you've got problems.
8. Let them tremble in fear at what they had awoken.
9. My boldness terrifies me.
Virginia WoolfWalking Virginia Woolf’s London: An Investigation in Literary Geography
10. I have sinned and must atone, must parade my shame before the eyes of every beggar in the city. They think that this will break my pride, that it will make an end to me, but they are wrong.
11. You overrate my capacity of love. I don't posess half the warmth of nature you believe me to have. An unprotected childhood in a cold world has beaten gentleness out of me.

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