8 Best Breast Implants Quotes

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1. There are only two reasons to date a girl you've already dated: breast implants.
2. Why do blondes love boob jobs? It’s really the only job they’re qualified for.
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3. Secretary's name is Carly. She's 23, she, uh, kayaks, and they're real.
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4. Special Agent Seeley Booth: You have a boat? Dr. Anton Kostov: I do four boob jobs a day at twenty grand a pop. Of course I have a boat.
5. What do you call a nanny with breast implants? A faux-pair.
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6. I think you're both mentally ill. And by the way...they're real, and they're spectacular.
7. You know your body more than anyone else does.
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8. Wife: ‘Can I spend $20,000 on breast implants?’ Husband: ‘Why don’t you just rub toilet paper all over your chest?’ Wife: ‘I don’t get it.’ Husband: ‘Worked on your ass, didn’t it?’
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