7 Vital Quotes

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Emily Dickinson Quote - Have you got a brook in your little heart...
1. Have you got a brook in your little heart, Where bashful flowers blow, And blushing birds go down to drink, And shadows tremble so?
2. Lemurs are close to the ancestral stock from which all primates arose, and I am happy to think that one of my own ancestors, 50 million years ago, was a little tree-dwelling creature not so dissimilar to the lemurs of today. I love their leaping vitality, their inquisitive nature.
Oliver SacksThe Best American Science and Nature Writing 2016
3. Let’s be clear: where people around the world reliably derive health and vitality from food, they don’t do so courtesy of morning shows offering an ever-changing flavor-of-the-week approach to truth. They do not focus on the dizzying discord where details are hotly debated ad infinitum; they rely, instead, on the stable perch of common ground. They get to health not on the basis of headlines, hyperbole, and hooey—but heritage. Their practices have stood the test of time and generations, are informed by both sense and science, and are the stuff of global expert consensus.
4. Life is very important to Americans.
Bob DoleBob Dole: the Republicans' man for all seasons
John Ruskin Quote - To banish imperfection is to destroy expressi...
5. To banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality.
6. I love you. You're a vital and tiny cog.
7. Quinn: Oh my gosh! If I hadn't gotten up at just that second, that would've hit my head. Daria: Or, something vital.

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