6 Best Closer Than You Think Quotes

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1. Very few people, no matter how educated they are in other ways, know the meaning of the word sociopathic. Far less do they understand that, in all probability, the word could be properly applied to a handful of people they actually know.
2. When sociopathy and blood lust come together in the same person, the result is a dramatic-even a cinematic-nightmare, a horror figure who seems larger than life. But most sociopaths are not mass murderers or serial killers. They are not Pol Pot or Ted Bundy. Instead, most are only life-size, like the rest of us, and can remain unidentified for long periods of time.
3. After all, violence is conspicuous, and unless performed against the utterly powerless, such as children or animals, it is likely to get the perpetrator caught.
4. In general, how can any of us live, as we all do, among significant numbers of destructive liars and con artists and fail to confront them, or even notice them?
5. The methods sociopaths dream up to control others - the schemes contrived to ensure "wins" - are quite various, and only a few of them have to do with physical violence.
6. Most people without conscience are more like Skip or Stamp Man, or the mother who uses her children as tools, or the therapist who deliberately disempowers vulnerable patients, or the seduce-and-manipulate lover, or the business partner who empties the bank account and vanishes, or the charming "friend" who uses people and insists she has not.

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