36 of the Toy Quotes That Will Speak To Your Heart

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1. Sam loves research. He does. He keeps it under his mattress right next to his KY.
Isabelle Kohn Quote - The device has to be on (or in sleep mode...
2. The device has to be on (or in sleep mode) to be hacked.
Isabelle KohnCalm Down, No One’s Actually Hacking Your Bluetooth Sex Toys
3. The white race is the cancer of human history? Who was this woman? Who and what? An anthropological epidemiologist? A renowned authority on the history of cultures throughout the world, a synthesizer of the magnitude of a Max Weber, a Joachim Wach, a Sir James Frazer, an Arnold Toynbee? Actually, she was just another scribbler who spent her life signing up for protest meetings and lumbering to the podium encumbered by her prose style, which had a handicapped parking sticker valid at Partisan Review. Perhaps she was exceptionally hell-bent on illustrating McLuhan's line about indignation endowing the idiot with dignity, but otherwise she was just a typical American intellectual of the post-World War II period.
4. Unless mom threw them out when you moved away for college. LOL, mom.
Jen OrtizStill Have Your Beanie Babies? These 20 Can Make You Rich
5. No 99, the real credit belongs to these toys. After all, we had at our disposal every fiendish and destructive plaything ever devised for the pleasure of little children. Those poor devils, all they had were real guns and bullets.
6. I can't stop you from growing up but I wouldn't miss it for the world
7. Randy Marsh: Alright, now listen kids. There's some things that we need to put into context for you. You see, a man puts his penis into a woman's vagina for both love and pleasure. But sometimes the woman lays on top of the man facing the other way so that they can put each other's genitals in their mouths. This is called 69ing, and it's normal. Sharon Marsh: You see boys, a woman is sensitive in her vagina and it feels good to have a man's penis inside of it. Sheila Broflovski: That's right. But sometimes a woman chooses to use other things. Telephones, staplers, magazines. It's because the nerve endings in the vagina are so sensitive, it's like a fun tickle. Gerald Broflovski: Now, on the double penetration boys, you see, sometimes when a woman has sex with more than one man, each man makes love to a different orifice. Randy Marsh: That's right. It's something adults can do with really good friends in a comfortable setting. Sheila Broflovski: It's also important that you understand why some people choose to urinate on each other. Randy Marsh: Going number one or number two on your lover is something people might do, but you must make sure your partner is okay with it before you start doing it. Gerald Broflovski: Okay, boys, do you have any questions? Stan Marsh: [astonished] Wow.
8. Don’t fuck with the Peaky Blinders.
Adam Savage Quote - The coolest toys don't have to be bought...
9. The coolest toys don't have to be bought; they can be built. In fact, sometimes the only way they'll ever exist is if you make them yourself.
Brittain Ashford Quote - I will protect your name and your heart
10. I will protect your name and your heart Because I miss my friend
11. Germans are still the best toy makers in the world!
12. Bart: Lisa, certain difference, rivalries if you will, have come up between us. At first I thought we could talk it over like civilized people, but instead...I just ripped the head off Mr. Honeybunny!  Lisa: Bart that was your cherished childhood toy.
13. Dearest Jules, sisterly advice, volume seven: when I say my love life’s at a standstill, I’m not asking you to mail me a solution. I told you, I’m okay.
14. Your partner can reassure you all day that your vagina is beautiful and perfect, but it's still quite common to feel insecure when someone is that up close and personal.
15. Medical Student: Isn't it true that Darwin preserved a piece of vermicelli in a glass case until, by some extrordinary means, it actually began to move with voluntary motion? Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Are you speaking of the worm or the spaghetti? [the class laughs] Medical Student: Why, the worm, sir. Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Yes, I did read something of that incident when I was a student, but you have to remember that a worm... with very few exceptions... is not a human being. Medical Student: But wasn't that the whole basis of your grandfather's work? The reanimation of dead tissue? Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: My grandfather was a very sick man. Medical Student: But as a Fronkensteen, aren't you the least bit curious about it? Doesn't the bringing back to life what was once dead hold any intrigue to you? Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: You are talking about the nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind! Dead is dead! Medical Student: But look at what has been done with hearts and kidneys... Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Hearts and kidneys are Tinker Toys! I am talking about the central nervous system!
16. When somebody like Frederick Douglass wrote a book, he was writing to white people—legitimately—because he wanted them to behave, set him free. That was the audience. Not for me. Tolstoy was not writing for little girls from Ohio. He was writing for Russians, right? I’m writing to, about, and for other black people.
17. Natalya Simonova: Do you destroy every vehicle you get into? James Bond: Standard operating procedure. Boys with toys.
Buzz Lightyear Quote - Buzz Lightyear: [Referring to Andy's...
18. Buzz Lightyear: [Referring to Andy's other toys] Do you know these life forms? Woody: Yes, they're Andy's toys.
Homer Simpson Quote - Homer: Do you sell toys?

Shopkeeper: We...
19. Homer: Do you sell toys? Shopkeeper: We sell forbidden objects from places men dare to tread. We also sell frozen yogurt which I call frogurt.
20. Toy Story 4 now, in theaters June 21.
21. Did you know that the original title for War and Peace was War, What Is It Good For?
22. No one in art has yet penetrated as far as Dostoyevsky into the mystical realms of the soul, towards the metaphysical, the subconsciousness, viewing the external reality of the world as merely a sign, a symbol of the spiritual and metaphysical.
23. I don’t know what the big deal about Cracker Jack is. Did you ever go and buy a pack of Cracker Jack thinking you’d get a prize and you find no prize in the box?
24. Whether they’re humping them, cuddling them for security or simply touching them to be reassured of their place in this world, it’s clear that there are still a lot of men who are not quite ready to give up their teddy.
Andrew FiouziThe Surprisingly Non-Creepy Reasons So Many Adult Men Still Sleep With a Stuffed Animal
25. Woody: All right, that's enough! Look, we're all very impressed with Andy's new toy. Buzz Lightyear: Toy? Woody: T-O-Y, Toy! Buzz Lightyear: Excuse me, I think the word you're searching for is ‘Space Ranger’. Woody: The word I'm searching for—I can't say, because there's preschool toys present.
26. I was really poor growing up. If I hadn’t been born a boy I’d have had nothing to play with.
27. There's children throwing snowballs / instead of throwing heads / they're busy building toys / and absolutely no one's dead!
28. Mary Hartman: [Davey has a pistol pressed against Mary's head] Is that a real gun, Davey? It's not real, is it? What is that, a little toy, little water cap pistol? Davey: No, it's real. Mary Hartman: Oh, it is real. Oh. See, I saw this skit on The Howard Cosell Show once. It was a hilarious skit. Tina Louise had a gun, and she took out her gun, and she pulled the trigger, and a sign came out that said 'Bang!' Isn't that hilarious, Davey? Does yours have a sign, Davey? It does, doesn't it? [Davey points pistol at ceiling and fires, plaster rains down on Mary's head] It's real.
Nathan Summers / Cable Quote - Here's a spoiler alert. You're...
29. Here's a spoiler alert. You're not a fucking hero. You're just an annoying clown dressed up as a sex toy.
30. I feel a bit like, uh, pretty woman.
31. Woody: All right. That's enough! Look, we're all very impressed with Andy's new toy. Buzz Lightyear: Toy? Woody: T-O-Y. Toy! Buzz Lightyear: Excuse me. I think the word you're searching for is ‘Space Ranger.’ Woody: The word I'm searching for; I can't say, because there's preschool toys present.
32. You know you’re growing up when you want stuff for your apartment. Instead of like toys and clothes. I’m not there yet.
33. Lassiter: She's obviously meeting a new boy toy. Maybe one even younger than the last. Gus: Younger? Who do you think she's meeting with, Justin Bieber?
34. The beauty of toy photography is that one is able to make so much out of so little. I've created so many different stories, and worlds, on that little porch railing.
Mitchel WuToy Photography Brings A Whole New World To Life
35. Why did the blonde get so excited about finishing a jigsaw puzzle in six months? Because the box said it was for ‘two to four years.’
Unknown30 Dumb Blonde Jokes That Will Actually Make You LOL
36. There’s freedom and innocence and a world of imagination without limits and rules or embarrassment behind these toys, This is what I want to last forever. There’s joy in that freedom of expression.

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