23 Selected Best Haunted Quotes

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1. Madeleine Swann: Is this really what you want? Living in the shadows? Hunting, being hunted? Always alone? James Bond: I don't stop to think about it.
Richard Matheson Quote - As he crossed the entry hall, he had the...
2. As he crossed the entry hall, he had the feeling that the house was swallowing him alive.
3. How long do we have to live here, Daddy?
Yena Sharma Purmasir Quote - I wrote you into a song
and then vowed never...
4. I wrote you into a song and then vowed never to sing.
5. [from trailer] Ebenezer Scrooge: What do you want with me? Jacob Marley: You will be haunted by three spirits. Ebenezer Scrooge: I'd rather not.
6. Nightmares kept a nigga from closing his lids Since a kid, I've been haunted by visions of death Such a trip, now it's normal, I 'customed the grip
Leigh Cuen Quote - Hello, Stranger
you haunt my moonlit Odysse...
7. Hello, Stranger you haunt my moonlit Odyssey I wish I could call you by name.
8. We used to live in your house," George said. "And now, guess what?" Jerry added. "Now we're dead in your house!’
9. Yeah. Phyllis called me Michael. And I will always and forever be haunted by that fact.
10. Margaret: You all know what day this is. Friday the 13th. Frank: She's right, and—nah, doesn't mean a thing. Hawkeye: Don't say that, Frank. I once spent Friday the 13th in a haunted house with a friend. I was never more frightened in my life. Potter: You see a ghost? Hawkeye: No, her husband materialized out of nowhere.
Maggie Baptiste Quote - Maggie: I can't change the past.

11. Maggie: I can't change the past. Kate: Then at least have the decency to be haunted by it.
12. It was just so much freaking money, how can you say no?
Amanda DragoA Woman's Instagram Tribute To Her Dead Sugar Daddy Who Is Haunting Her Has Gone Viral. Here's Everything She Had To Say.
13. Jay: Hey, wait a second! Aren't you the guy who fucked the pie! Jason Biggs: You see! It's never 'Hey! You're that guy from Loser' or 'Hey you rocked in Boys and Girls.' No, it always comes back to that fucking pie! I'm HAUNTED by it! James Van Der Beek: You put your dick in a pie!
JayJay and Silent Bob Strike Back
14. Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say.
15. If you think these vets of the Upside Down would be OK with being confronted with an exact replica of the Demogorgon, well, think again.
Dan BarnaThe 'Stranger Things' Cast Visited An IRL Upside Down And Could Not Handle The Fear
16. It's his story that gives him that power. It's believing in him that keeps him alive.
17. He said it was haunted. Those are his words.
18. The things I’m passionate about, the things that still haunt me. I’ve always said, I’ve got enough stored up for a hundred more records. I’ve had a tumultuous life, and I continue to have a tumultuous life. I’ve been very blessed but it’s dramatic.
19. On this episode of Ghost Hunters International, the team travels to Barry’s homeland of Ireland with a new member…Ashley’s trial by fire is at one of the most brutal haunts on an island of ancient spirits.
20. Robert’s little sailor suit was not supplied by the company; it was probably an outfit that Otto himself wore as a child.
Andy WrightThe Story Behind the World's Most Terrifying Haunted Doll
Melinda Gordon Quote - Places aren't haunted. People are haunte...
21. Places aren't haunted. People are haunted.
22. There's something in the water.
23. Mattie Webber: How long have you been watching this? Dexter McCarthy: No, I think the question is, is how long have they been watching me?

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