17 Task Quotes To Share With You

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1. Some days I run aground because the work is difficult. Other days I run aground because working is difficult. These are two different things, and knowing the difference between them is how I eke productivity out of some of the worst times.
2. Charlie: Okay, okay, uh I just killed three very large rats that were stuck in glue traps. Dennis: Good work. Charlie: No, no, no. That's not good trap. I'm done with rat detail. That's by far the worst job in the bar. Dennis: That's why we call it Charlie Work
3. Dory: Hank, I'm gonna ask you to do something crazy. Hank: I'm okay with crazy.
4. Don’t tell my why you can’t do it. Tell me how you’re going to make it happen despite all the obstacles.
Tywin Lannister Quote - There is a tool for every task, and a task...
5. There is a tool for every task, and a task for every tool.
Sheriff Harry S. Truman Quote - Sheriff Truman: Anything we should be working...
6. Sheriff Truman: Anything we should be working on? Albert Rosenfield: Yeah. You might practice walking without dragging your knuckles on the floor.
7. Make a to-do list every single day. Always put 'accomplish none of my goals' on the to-do list. That way, at the end of every day you’ll be able to say you at least accomplished one task.
8. Life is a series of mysteries we must each unravel at our own pace. Our task is not to solve the mysteries but to use them.
Sherlock Holmes Quote - A good detective knows that every task, ever...
9. A good detective knows that every task, every interaction, no matter how seemingly banal, has the potential to contain multitudes.
10. We are trying to develop more rigorous thinking here. We’re trying to build the road as we travel across it.
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Samantha Quote - Brenda Baker: Can you remember to turn off...
11. Brenda Baker: Can you remember to turn off the stove in twenty minutes? Samantha: I can remember lots of things.
12. There will literally always be an excuse not to do it.
13. Malory: ...and then, give me the file I asked for! Ray: Yeah, why don't I shove a broom up my ass and sweep the floor while I'm at it?
14. Sometimes, I shake if I have to do something that I’ve never done before—maybe not noticeably, but inside. But I'll do it, because I know it’s not an insurmountable task; I've done plenty of tasks in my life.
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15. We work in the dark - we do what we can - we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art.
16. I love putting food on trays. Please, let me put food on trays.
17. Accepting a task graciously brings good fortune to all.

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