17 Parents And Children Quotes Prepare You for 2020

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1. 5-year-old: *hands me a toy package to open* Me: Looks like that’s going to take some arm strength. 5: I’ll ask Mom.
2. 5-year-old: How come only Mom wraps presents? Me: She's better at it. 5: What are you better at? Me: Unwrapping them.
James Breakwell Quote - 5-year-old: The pig always messes up my blank...
3. 5-year-old: The pig always messes up my blankets. Me: Then why do you keep putting her in your bed? 5: Because I love her.
4. No good person has ever advocated for the senseless separation of kids from their parents.
Seth Cohen Quote - Never underestimate a parent's abilit...
5. Never underestimate a parent's ability to mortify his child.
James Breakwell Quote - Me: *stands on the bathroom scale*

6. Me: *stands on the bathroom scale* 5-year-old: Good job! That's a big number.
James Breakwell Quote - [listening to
7. [listening to "We Three Kings"] 7-year-old: Where were the queens? Me: Back at their castles. 7: Taking over for good.
Valerie Meyers Quote - I give you a lot of freedom because I trust...
8. I give you a lot of freedom because I trust you to act like an adult. Please don't make me regret that.
9. Rey: You don't have to do this. I feel the conflict in you. It's tearing you apart. Ben, when we touched hands, I saw your future. Just the shape of it but solid and clear. You will not bow before Snoke. You'll turn. I'll help you. Kylo Ren: I saw something too. I know that when the time comes, you'll be the one to turn. You'll stand with me, Rey. I saw who your parents are.
10. 7-year-old: Why are we opening our Christmas presents early? Me: I make the rules, not the calendar. 7: Me: Mom said it was okay.
11. When your child falters or fall, be there for them without anger or fear. Take the conditions off of your love.
James Breakwell Quote - 5-year-old: Girls can be anything.

Me: You...
12. 5-year-old: Girls can be anything. Me: You can't be a monkey. 5: *enraged monkey shriek*
James Breakwell Quote - My 3-year-old just said,
13. My 3-year-old just said, "Daddy, stop wasting time." She summed up my entire life.
14. Me: You look very handsome. 7-year-old: Girls can't be handsome. Me: Then what are you? 7: Awesome.
15. 5-year-old: Can we play the snack game? Me: How do we play? 5: Give me a snack. Me: Then what? 5: I win.
16. 3-year-old: *points to dog* That's my dog. Me: Yup. 3: *points to pig* That's my pig. Me: Yeah. 3: *points to me* You're my person. I'll take that.
17. Me: What are you doing? 7-year-old: Counting the presents under the tree. Me: There aren't any presents under the tree. 7: I know. Passive aggressive level 9000.

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